Having eyelash extensions applied is a costly experience, which is why it is crucial to ensure that you take good care of them at all times. Below are 6 handy tips to help keep your synthetic lashes looking great for as long as possible.

1. Keep them dry for 48 hours after application

The glue used to apply synthetic lashes needs to be kept dry for up to 48 hours afterwards. This means that you should avoid going to gym, engaging in hot yoga, using steam rooms or saunas or even hot showers, as the heat and steam from these will cause the lashes to clump and look like a bad mascara job.

2. Don’t tug or pull on them

Any form of pulling, tugging, twisting or picking on your synthetic lashes will cause the glue to loosen and it could also cause damage to your remaining original lashes. If you are tired of your extensions, you will need to have them professionally removed.

3. Keep moisture-rich produces away from your lashes

Any oil-based skincare products such as conditioners, shampoos, heavy creams and lotions will loosen the glue used to apply your extensions. When washing your hair, always tils your head backwards to prevent your lashes from getting wet and being exposed to products like these – if necessary, resort to using a pair of swimming goggles while showering to protect them.

4. Reshape extensions after bathing or showering

Gently comb your extensions or use a cool shot from a blow dryer to help fan your lashes out after bathing or showering to ensure that no moisture remain trapped between them and that they don’t clump together.

5. Continue caring for your natural eyelashes

Just because you’ve had extensions installed, it doesn’t mean you can neglect your own eyelashes. Apply a proper eyelash conditioning product (not to be confused with hair conditioner) or even a growth serum to ensure that they stay in the follicles for as long as possible. This will give additional support to your extensions as well.

6. Always do research beforehand

Before having eyelash extensions applied, it’s essential that you research the salons in your area to determine which ones will do the best job. Lash artists or cosmetologists should be licensed and experienced and you should not be charged for your initial consultation. Inquire about the type of glue being used – it should be non-formaldehyde based and ask if they make use of a variety of lash extension products. This will ensure that you get the end result you are looking for. It is also recommended that you ask whether single lashes or clusters are used, as each of these will provide different end results.

If you would like to find out more about having eyelash extensions installed, feel free to schedule a consultation with us today. We will ensure that you get the best quality extensions and a range of touch-up services are also provided for our existing clients.