Once your stylist has put the final few finishing touches on your new eyelash extensions, they will usually tell you not to get them wet for 24 hours or to touch them unnecessarily. This is only so that you can allow enough time for the adhesive to dry properly and avoid premature fallout of your new lashes. However, some people tend to take this advice a little too far in that they never ever get their lashes wet or even wash them.

Why Lash Cleaning is Important

Our stylists often see patients with a severe build-up of make-up residue, oil and/or dead skin cells along their lash lines. This is not only severely unhygienic; it takes time away from your allocated appointment for applying lashes because a lot of time has to be spent cleaning instead of applying. In addition, clogged lash follicles can result in your natural lashes growing through weaker than they should, and you could be putting yourself at a higher risk for sensitivities and infections as well. This will in turn shorten the lifespan of your extensions because the oil build-up on them will cause them to fall out sooner than they should.

Recommended Cleaning Products

Here at Eyelash Extensions Melbourne, our stylists strongly recommend that lathering or foaming cleansers be used instead of wipes or liquid removers that require cotton tips or pads to apply. The reason for this is that lint fibers from cotton pads and tips tend to get stuck in the lashes and they can pull your extensions out. Using your fingers instead will prevent this from happening. Additionally, while wipes and cotton tips may be great for removing make-up off your eyelids, they are not able to clean the area around the lash line completely.

Below is a list of foam-based cleaning products that are recommended by our stylists:

  • Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
  • Baby shampoo
  • QV Wash
  • Sterilid
  • Dermaveen
  • Effaclar by La Roche-Posay

How to Clean your Lashes

Start off by wetting your face with warm water. Place a small amount of cleanser on your hand and work it into lather. If desired, you can use a foam pump with pre-diluted cleansing solution instead. Work the foam into your lash line by using your fingertips and once finished, rinse off with warm water. Pat the area dry and allow your lashes to air dry. Once your lashes are completely dry, you can brush them gently with the mascara wand that was supplied to you when they were applied.

Cleansing of your lash extensions doesn’t need to be an extra step in your daily skincare routine. When using any of the above mentioned cleansers, you can simply clean the mat the same time you wash your face. It’s recommended that you cleanse your lash extensions every second day at least, as this will help ensure that they are kept clean and ready for your next lash appointment and it will prevent infection from occurring in or around your eyes.