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Get Great Eyes: Using Eyeliner

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Eyeliner can be a fabulous makeup tool. It's an extremely versatile product that can be applied to create both day and night looks, however application can be tricky and when eyeliner is applied poorly the overall effect can be rather menacing and unattractive. The first step of applying eyeliner well is buying good product. I am partial to MAC's eye kohl simply because my steady hands (sense the sarcasm) can not handle liquid liner. The eye kohl has a nice [...]

6 Professional Tips for Long, Lush Lashes!

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Isn't it interesting when people are asked what attracted them to someone else, they always say, "His/Her eyes"? Our eyes always seem to capture attention. We all love the old Hollywood glam look with the extra long lashes. Even though it's old fashioned, it's still gorgeous in this day and age. Ancient Egyptians were the first to use mascara. They mixed kohl and crocodile droppings and applied it on their lashes with little sticks. Making your eyes look longer and [...]

Know this before getting lash extensions

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Most women find it daunting to apply fake makeup every day. It’s the reason they prefer eyelash extensions which are easier and convenient to use. Eyelash extensions are associated with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez because they can make a woman look Ultra glamorous. They are applied to each of your upper eyelashes using a cyanoacrylate glue which works like a surgical adhesive. Who would have thought that the fake eyelashes would get their perfect match? If you consider wearing [...]