Here at Eyelash Extensions Melbourne, our stylists are often asked what the difference is between the different types of lash extensions and what the quality of them is like. There are three different types of lashes, namely faux silk and mink, synthetic/acrylic and real human and real mink hair lashes.

Synthetic Lashes

These are also referred to as acrylic lashes and this term is normally used to describe thicker lashes (0.2 mm and thicker) that are supplied in small pots or in loose form. Synthetic lashes are also the lashes that most stylists trained with before other varieties were made available. This type of lash is normally shinier, heavier and coarser compared to other varieties, which means that they provide the most outstanding end results. They also tend to have the ‘fake’ lashes look, and as a result, are becoming somewhat less popular. However, many salons who charge consistently cheaper prices than others will use these because they are the cheapest.

Mink and Silk Lashes

Mink and silk lashes are not actually manufactured from mink and silk fibers. They are crafted from synthetic fibers known as PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). What differentiates these lashes is their tapering – in other words, how finely the lashes are shaped towards their tips, their finish and the weight of them. While silk is normally less tapered, lighter in weight and has a glossier finish, mink lashes are even lighter than silk, more tapered and have more of a matte finish. Features and overall quality of these lash types can vary depending on the brand though.

Real Mink and Human hair Lashes

These lashes are normally considered as the finest types available because they are natural, and they are also considered to be rare and exotic. As a result, they are usually applied at extremely premium prices. While mink and human hair lashes are more natural-looking, ultra-lightweight and soft, there are a few downsides to using them. Firstly, it’s almost impossible to determine whether these hairs have been ethically sourced. Secondly, it is almost impossible to tell if they are 100% sterile or not. Being natural hair, these lashes also don’t retain their shape as well over time as other types.

At Eyelash Extensions Melbourne, our stylists have tested numerous varieties of lashes from an array of suppliers, and we only use the best quality mink and silk lashes for our clients. We have discovered that mink and silk lashes are available in the best range of length, curls and width to suit everyone’s needs. This also ensures that every set of lashes we apply looks as natural as possible.

If you would like to find out more about the lash products we use, or you would like to have a set of lashes applied, contact any of our stylists to schedule an appointment today.