Your eyes and eyelashes are the most expressive part of your face: they smile when you smile, they cry when you’re sad. Why not make them as striking as possible? There are endless ways to dress up your eyes, but if you really want to make an impression, try customizing your look to the color of your eyes! If you’re a proud member of the brown-eyed crew, here are three great combinations to try!


To me, there is no color that complements brown eyes better than purple! Purple has made a huge impact in makeup this year and shows no signs of slowing down yet. Brown eyes are warm, inviting and classic, but tend not to get the attention they deserve in the beauty world and fade into the background. A great way to make them pop is to pair a nice, cool shade with your brownies and with purple’s popularity soaring it’s the perfect choice!

How to rock it: Get your hands on an eggplant shade of eyeliner – pencil, gel or liquid are all great options, but remember to use what you’re comfortable with! A thin line across above your top lashes or smudged against your provides a sleek, modern approach to traditional liner. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, choose a shimmery purple eyeshadow in your favorite shade and sweep it over your eyelids. Finish it off with black liner, mascara or both!


The great thing about brown eyes is that while they may be dark, they hold all sorts of potential – warm tones and flecks of color are just some of the beautiful things about them. Take a closer look at your brown eyes: What other color do you see besides brown? Gold, gray and black are some of the most common accents in brown eyes, and the one color that accents all three of those shades is green! There are three majorly different kinds of green: true green, earth tones and artificial tones (the ones you do not find out in nature). Under those three umbrellas are wide spectrums of the color, light and dark. The great thing about all the options is that you can customize even further according to the accents in your eyes! Those with gold flecks look best in earth greens, black accents work with artificial greens, and gray flecks work great with both true greens and earth toned greens.

Make it work!: Green is an edgy color, so work it with style! Pick your perfect shade of green eyeshadow in a shimmery finish. Dab your ring finger into it and gently press the color against the inner corner of your eyes. Blend the edges with your finger or a brush and finish the striking look with black liquid liner and a few coats of lengthening mascara.


This is one of the most gorgeous color combinations that brown-eyed ladies can wear! The warmth of bronzed copper shades is a great way to make your already out-of-the-oven warm brownies seem that much more smoldering. Keira Knightly is the queen of this look, rocking it both on and off the red carpet. The trick is to choose a copper/bronze that is darker than your skin tone, and there are hundreds to choose from! Add a little natural shimmer to your eyes with this fierce, elegant color.

Make heads turn: Remember to choose a shade that is just a little darker than your skin. Sweep the shadow onto your eyelids, creating a cat-eye shape and blend thoroughly around the edges so there are no harsh lines. Smudge the shadow along your bottom eyelashes, being careful to blend again. Add some brown liner along your bottom waterline and, if you choose, along your top lash line. Finish it off with a coat of mascara, and your brown eyes will be grabbing attention in no time!