Although many people think that the reason for not performing infills on lash extensions that have been applied elsewhere is nothing more than a money-making scheme, this is not the case.
Although there are numerous experienced and talented eyelash specialists around who are able to create gorgeous clean sets of lashes, there are just as many who take no pride in their work whatsoever. This results in clients ending up with less than satisfactory end results, which can be close to impossible to rectify.

Some of the most common problems we have come across include:

  • Many of the lashes being clumped together instead of being properly isolated
  • Too much glue has been used during application
  • The client’s natural eyelashes have been damaged during installation, leaving them looking extremely sparse
  • Synthetic lashes that have been used are too thick, coarse or long
  • Extensions have been badly styled with one of the most common problems being that the same length extensions have been used throughout the set
  • Clients were under the impression that individual synthetic lashes had been installed, but upon closer inspection found them to be cluster lashes

When clients with existing sets of synthetic lashes from elsewhere book with us for a basic 60 minute infill, we are unable to determine what their lashes look like until they arrive. In cases where their eyelashes look like any of the scenarios mentioned above, it is close to impossible to perform an infill and do the necessary repair works or install a full new set in that short a timeframe.

In addition, we cannot afford to book out a few hours in anticipation of a bad extension job that may have been done, as this will cause us to lose other appointments and ultimately, money. Although we have to end up turning these clients away or suggest that they book a complete eyelash extension installation with us instead.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have had a bad quality set of eyelash extensions installed elsewhere, we will be more than happy to perform a complete replacement for you by appointment. Not only will you receive top notch service from us; your newly installed eyelash extensions will look as natural as possible as well. Get in touch with us today to book your appointment with one of our trained and experienced lash experts.