Most women find it daunting to apply fake makeup every day. It’s the reason they prefer eyelash extensions which are easier and convenient to use. Eyelash extensions are associated with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez because they can make a woman look Ultra glamorous. They are applied to each of your upper eyelashes using a cyanoacrylate glue which works like a surgical adhesive.

Who would have thought that the fake eyelashes would get their perfect match? If you consider wearing them, your eyelashes should be at least 3 millimeters long. Here is what to know before you get eyelash extensions;

Cost and materials

The cost depends on the kind of set that you prefer. Basically, they range from around $75 for a flirty set of 25 to 5 lashes for each eye to approximately $300 for a complete set of 60 to 80 lashes for each eye. There exist three types of lashes with the common one being the synthetic mink that’s made of polyester. The second type is authentic and is made by brushing the animal. The latter feels more natural but again more expensive than the first. You may also prefer wearing the ��polish’ lashes whose name is derived from their black shine, but these look artificial.


You may decide to double the length of your lashes, but it’s always good to know that the longer the extensions are the least natural they look. Besides, they may fall out faster. You’ll get them in different widths ranging from 0.10 to 0.30 millimeters. However, experts recommend that they shouldn’t go beyond 0.20 millimeters. The reason behind the argument is that if your lashes are frail, it may damage them.


The wearing process begins with lying down with safety pads placed over your lower lashes, with your eyes closed. The technician uses fine tweezers and then dips the eyelash in an adhesive and applies it onto the natural eyelashes. This might take at least two hours for a complete set of eyelashes. If the process takes an hour or involves the change of positions like sitting up, that means that the esthetician is using shortcuts. The best results come if the lashes are applied individually.


The glue used in the application can be allergic to some people causing swellings and redness. Besides, if not applied carefully, it may lead to eyes getting stuck together. Therefore, you should always seek professional services. If extensions are applied properly, they do not have a known risk.


Consider combing the lashes with a clean mascara wand. Also, you should be able to feel them or else, you may realize that they are on the skin of your eyelid, digging in which can be extremely painful. In case this happens to you, you should have the eyelashes extensions removed.


Eyelash extensions last up to a month before they start falling out just when your natural lashes do. Makeup may shorten the life of the glue bond during rubbing which affects the natural lashes too. Avoid curling them or wearing mascara but if you need mascara, consider applying a water-based one. It should be applied on the tips only and should use gel or water-based cleaners. While removing makeup, always use a lint-free cloth or a sponge tip to avoid damage. In the first 24hours avoid taking part in exercises that may result to sweating. Also, on the two first days of application, you should avoid any contact with water by avoiding swimming.

When applied by a professional, eyelash extensions are a total win. They do not ruin your original lashes and can make you look glamorous.